Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Blast from the Past: The Mrs. Fields Cookie Book

If you are anything like us, you know where all the thrift stores and used book stores are within a reasonable radius from your current location.  If your not like us, good on ya, you probably don't waste much of your money on things other people have given away.  We are like us though, and we do scour second hand stores for good, if slightly used, cooking equipment and vintage cookbooks.  The equipment we wash and eventually move into rotation in our kitchen.  The books we generally sit down with over a glass of whiskey and make merciless fun of while searching for the perfect divinity, or dressing, or fried chicken recipe that we hope is hidden within.  Its one of our favorite things to do and we highly recommend it as a pass time.

So, from time to time we will highlight one of those books.  You can find them on the internet for sure, or you can find them by chance like we did.

Real quick, here's our Blast from the Past for today:

Mrs. Fields Cookie Book

Every cookie in this book works perfectly every time.  If you need to take a platter of cookies to an event, or you're a professional baker, or you just like cookies, Mrs. Fields Cookie Book will not let you down.  There isn't much else to say really.  Its the only 100% book we've ever come across, and we know its record because we've made every thing in it.  It hasn't let us down once.  Some might think of the cookies as somewhat simple or even antiquated, but we don't really care what some might think.  Often, simple is the best it can get, and so is the Mrs. Fields Cookie Book.  Keep an eye out for it.

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