Sunday, March 10, 2013

The Homemade Pantry: 101 Foods You Can Stop Buying and Start Making

Yes! You can make Pop-Tarts®!

Rating: Buy it. Soon.

What is it?

Alana Chernila is, like all of us, a plenitude of things.  I won't do her the injustice of trying to summarize her life here, instead, head over to her blog Eating From the Ground Up to get the low down.  It's a wonderful blog incidentally, full of well written, useful information on food and her own stories and views on life.  Check it out.  The book though, as the title suggests, is all about how to make many of the items we would normally buy processed, or at least packaged.  Crackers, instant oatmeal, granola bars, bread, pasta, and many, many more things are touched upon. The idea being to get you more involved in the food you eat, to most likely save you some money, and to definitely cut down on the amount of packaging you have to buy.  We like all of those things and so should you.

Next time we will get into the book, show you how its laid out and start testing.

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