Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Industry Professional Interview: Kristen, Production Manager @ Salt & Straw

Who is she?

First, lets make sure you know what Salt & Straw is.  Its a handmade, small-batch ice cream shop in Portland, Or, known for its inventive, even outrageous, but absolutely delicious, flavors.  They make some of the country's best ice cream, and that's not just our opinion. Check them out, you won't regret it.  With two locations and a third in the works, as Production Manager, Kristen has her hands full keeping them all stocked with delicious treats.  She was gracious enough to give us a few minuets of her lunch break to talk to her about her favorite cookbooks.

What does she have to say?

Do you own many cookbooks?

Not really, maybe 15.  20 at the most.

Have you ever purchased a cookbook only to find it useless?

Not that I can think of.  I do have a few that I have never used though but I'm not mad about it or anything.  I just never wanted to make anything out of them.

Have you ever been involved in writing a cookbook before?


Have you ever considered writing your own?

No, but if I did I know what I would call it.  "Cook'n with Korstin McNasty".  I hope no one steals it now. Its a pretty sweet name for a cookbook.

What book/s have you learned the most from?

Definitely International Cuisine from The Art Institutes culinary program.  I still use it all the time.

Are there any books that you don't necessarily use much but you return to for inspiration?

The Wildwood cookbook by Cory Schreiber for sure.  Its full of stories and history of northwest cuisine. It also highlights local farmers and fishermen and all kinds of real people, even people we use as suppliers.  The recipes are wonderful as well.  Its a fantastic book.

What are the two books you would never get rid of?

Well, Wildwood might count, I don't actually own it, I just keep renewing it from the library.

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